Senior Industry Speakers With The Following Job Titles:

  • SVP Global Production & Technology
  • VP Olefins
  • VP Finance, Planning & Strategy
  • VP Feedstock, Polymer & Cracker Segment
  • VP Corporate Development & Planning
  • VP Ethylene
  • VP Chemical Distribution
  • Head of Supply Chain
  • Head of Business Development
  • GM & VP NGL & Petrochemicals
  • GM Petrochemicals
  • Business Director
  • Director Strategic Project Analysis

From The Following Industries And Sectors:

  • Integrated Petrochemical Companies
  • Olefins & Polyolefins Producers
  • EPC Companies
  • Midstream Providers
  • E&P Companies
  • Logistics & Shipping
  • Trading Firms
  • Chemical Marketers

Ethane To Ethylene & Derivatives Global Petrochemicals Markets 2013

The First Ever Ethylene Value Chain Event Bringing Together Petrochemical Leaders On Capacity Expansion Strategies And Market Opportunities

The shale gas revolution has spurred an unprecedented wave of ethane to ethylene cracker construction and expansion announcements in North America, and with production capacity set to increase by as much as 37%, the key question is: Where is all this product going to go?

With the domestic market unable to absorb the expanded volumes, in-depth assessment of global market opportunities is required to fully evaluate and capitalize on the expanded feedstock supply. Comprehensive assessment of export economics, construction availability and co-product stream impacts are also vital to ensure maximum profit and minimal risk in this rapidly changing petrochemical value chain.

The Ethane To Ethylene & Derivatives Global Petrochemical Markets Summit is the first ever summit to provide in depth analysis of the ethane to ethylene and derivative value chain and global market opportunities through the perspective of the petrochemicals industry itself.

This unique forum will break down regional market demand dynamics, derivative by derivative, addressing key concerns around NGL supply, shipping economics, timelines for domestic production, and examination of the business case for on purpose production of propylene and butadiene.

Derivative Value Chains & Markets To Be Scrutinized Include:

Ethylene >> Polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE)

Ethylene >> Ethylene Oxide >> Ethylene Glycol >> Polyester/Fiber/Antifreeze

Ethylene >> Ethylene Dichloride >> Vinyl Chloride >> Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Across Global Markets, Region By Region, Including:

North America  >> Europe  >> China  >> South & South East Asia  >> Middle East

With 18+ presentations from key petrochemical industry players in both North America and abroad, the summit will provide a brand new global platform for the industry to comprehensively develop strategies to capitalize on the enormous opportunities presented by cracker capacity expansion and the shale gas boom, not to mention key insights into factors impacting investment risk and the timelines for production.

We look forward to meeting you in Houston this October.

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Why This Is The Must Attend Petrochemical Industry Forum:

  • THE ONLY ETHYLENE AND DERIVATIVE VALUE CHAIN SPECIFIC FORUM - With comprehensive granular assessment of regional ethylene derivative markets across the globe, region by region, derivative by derivative
  • POLYETHYLENE, ETHYLENE GLYCOL AND PVC MARKET OPPORTUNITIES - Providing the most detailed analysis of global derivative demand in North America, Europe, China, South Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East
  • PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRY LED - Join the first forum bringing together the most vital industry perspectives, those of the petrochemical industry itself
  • EXPORT ECONOMICS - Gain insight into export economics for ethane, ethylene and its derivatives, as well as the international trading environment
  • ENTIRE ETHYLENE VALUE CHAIN INSIGHTS - Hear 18+ leading petrochemical decision makers and their strategic visions for expansion globally
  • CONSTRUCTION & OPERATION PERSPECTIVES - Understand EPC perspectives on the availability of skilled labor and raw materials for construction and maintenance and timelines for operation
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